Slippy heart.
Entry by Mark Seymour


I have no idea what I've been saying for the past five minutes.
Entry by Binidj
A place holder word to stop a tangent and bring Sl1pg8r back to his original train of thought.
Entry by David Penix


When something is so amazing it must be balls because a ball is round and round is circle and circle is perfect.
Entry by Kimi

Double Amazeballz

(doub-le am-aze-balls)
When something is so amazeballz it is double the amount.
Entry by Menno Van der Eerden (Menno4Ever)


The proper noise in which is exclaimed after finishing an activity, big or small, it doesn't matter.
Entry by Alex Landry


Your head. Also know as your "Thinker".
Entry by Chalkiopoulos

Butt Cloaca

Any rear end of an object or organism. Any kind of hole. Any circular orifice that "squirts" something.
Entry by Ian Jenkins

The Down There

(the dow-n th-ere)
A general location located directly below Slip in all his videos. Refers to the comments section but also used to imply that Slip is a tiny man stuck in the screen.
Entry by Jason Hall


Preforming an action without the aid of guiding instruments, measurements, or other devices.
Entry by Kerstin

Ender Girl Eggs

(en-der girl eggs)
Mystical round objects produced by the Ender Girls in the shape of an eye that allow for the maximum and best amount of squirtage in Vanilla Minecraft. Eg. - "Let us squirt over there with our Ender Girl Eggs!"
Entry by Rogelio Armino


A mod that FINALLY allows the player to RIDE A RABBITS! because you know, why not.
Entry by Jeremy Sexton

It's a Thing!

(it sa th-ing)
Exclamation shouted when a thing is made that Slip doesn't know what to do with yet.
Entry by David Moran


The act of kiaiing and/or increasing power level when attacking bad guys.
Entry by Jake Demarre

Nailed it! Aced it! Can't be stopped!

(nail-ed it aced-it can-t be st-opped)
When a wild Sl1pg8r has achieved greatness by doing something so amazeballs it has been aced and nailed.
Entry by Mr Adorable Panda
An exclamation of joy and/or a feeling of accomplishment following the completion or relative completion of a project and/or part of a project.
Entry by Michael Moccio
A phrase uttered when anything positive happens whether it's related to fixing a hole in the base, often created by Slip himself, or the completion of a successful build.
Entry by Jason Hall
A phrase used to describe grand excitement when you have succeeded and triumphed in any area. For example:
Entry by jetz506

The One-Eight

(the one-eight)
A reoccuring name for Slip's base throughout many minecraft series. It's a play on the way Sl(1)pg(8)r's username.
Entry by Jason Hall


Every one of Sl1pg8r's subscribers.
Entry by Coyote Stark
A phrase used to refer to the mass of followers Slip has accumulated over the years even though he often mocks us (see: Peep Voice) we truly love him and all he does for his community.
Entry by Jason Hall

Peep Voice

(peep vo-ice)
A condescending tone that Slip adopts when he wishes to predict future comments in the comments section (see: "The Down There") regarding a mistakes or misinformation.
Entry by Jason Hall
The way people talk when they have annoying things to say that have been said over and over because in one second, Slip was wrong, but only for that second. Ex. "OMG SLIP! YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T EAT CAKE AND GO JOGGING WITH KEVIN!"
Entry by Tomnickles


Puckered is when your butthole clenches shut because of fear. A pucker level of one is a relaxed state with no fear. A pucker level of over 9000 is when you are so frightened your butt-cloaca clenches so tight that it ends up inverting and going up into yourself. Author: Watt Wick - Minecraft, Gaming, Reviews, and MORE!
A situation that causes your butt cloaca to tighten. This often occurs in a near death experience.
Entry by The3gg
A physical response of the butt cloaca due to a frightful situation. Percentage of pucker refers to the amount of tightness experienced.
Entry by RINGHAMmer


A hyperactive young male, usually portrayed as a humorous character, who inhabits the Internet in a variety of habitats; can usually be observed on YouTube, although there have been witnesses to his presence in what is believed to be his feeding grounds on Instagram and Twitter; there are also accounts of a territorial dispute on Reddit having taken place once, by all accounts provoked by the Sl1pg8r, where he supposedly spammed the environment;
Entry by TheTechnicalNirl
not to be confused with "SlipGater"; the Sl1pg8r has its written roots in a distant time period, usually known as "da neindees", when numbers were used to replace letters that the user had no knowledge of; the Sl1pg8r was first observed in a first person shooter environment in that epoch


A rcircle made out of square blocks.
Entry by PaperShark


The action of placing, moving, or changing location of any object or person including one's self.
Entry by Valdis Fox
Squirt squirt squirt squirt Squirt squirt. Squirt!!!
Entry by Landon Kryger
Usable in place of any verb
Entry by Austin's Arcade

Stuff and things

(st-uff and th-ings)
Everything, or nothing, but always something awesome, usually.
Entry by RINGHAMmer

Thingy Doodler

(th-ingy dood-ler)
A reference to another object / thing that, for the moment either 1.) has a name to obscure to remember, or 2.) has no name to begin with, or 3.) Allows me to illustrate the fact that.. I'm busy trying to figure out a thousand things at once and explain it all extremely fast, so instead of remembering on the fly what it is actually called... you get the shorthand.. thingy doodler.
Entry by deepblueyonderspage!

(tile dot null dot name)
Sl1pg8r's favorite block.
Entry by Kjell-Aleksander Skogsrud