HermitCraft MineCraft LP E7 - Redstone, Spumwack, Golems, and Lag ( Let's Play )

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Today we get a quick drop and minecart trail set up to get up and down from the mine. We also hang with Spumwack and take a look at something that might be lagging the server. Also, stuff and things!

HermitCraft Server Members
Biffa2001 http://YouTube.com/Biffa2001
Hypnotizd http://YouTube.com/Hypnotizd
Jessassin http://YouTube.com/TheJessassin
Joe Hills http://YouTube.com/JoeHillsTSD
Keralis http://YouTube.com/Keralis
Kingdaddydmac http://YouTube.com/kingdaddydmac
Monkeyfarm http://YouTube.com/monkeyfarm
Mumbo Jumbo http://YouTube.com/ThatMumboJumbo
Pungence http://YouTube.com/AssyrianAssass1n
Red3yz http://YouTube.com/red3yz
Skyzm http://YouTube.com/skyzmplays
Spumwack http://www.youtube.com/spumwack
Topmass http://YouTube.com/Minecrafted
Xisuma http://YouTube.com/xisumavoid
ZombieCleo http://YouTube.com/ZombieCleo

Music by: WoolyCreeper

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